Sponsor/exhibitor opportunities

Conference sponsorship opportunities will be announced in detail in a few weeks. 
Conference sponsorship

If you are interested in being a sponsor of this conference, please contact the office of APBC KYOTO 2011 at info@apbc2011.com

Exhibitor opportunities

For companies and organizations related to biochar wishing to exhibit at APBC KYOTO 2011, a space will be provided.  Hand out brochures, post information on your products or organization, or demonstrate existing or trial products.  Only indoor exhibition opportunities are available at APBC KYOTO 2011—No outdoor exhibition will take place.  All registration for exhibition are on a first come, first serve basis.

Information and Pricing

The price for setting the space depends on what kinds of instruments you needs for advertisement or exhibition.  All prices are for the duration of the conference.

  • One desk              10,000 yen (JPN)
  • One board for poster     10,000 yen (JPN)
  • Kiosk                                  
    **please contact us at info@apbc2011.com**

Any questions or concerns should be directed to: Office of 2nd Asia Pacific Biochar Conference